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Financial Support: Accountants, Bookkeepers & Software

November, 15 2020

To the non-pro, accountants and bookkeepers are often thought of interchangeably. At Brigade, we have both on our team ...

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Are Your Vendors Protecting Your Information?

November, 8 2020

At Brigade, we’ve been pretty open about how we maintain security and confidentiality while working remotely. However, ...

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Business Funding Sources: Loans and Grants Beyond PPP

November, 1 2020

As of this writing, the chance to obtain additional federal COVID relief seems slim. Congressional negotiations are in ...

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Recalibrating the Office Perk

October, 25 2020

What your virtual workers will appreciate Before the pandemic, I think bosses saw office perks more like a thank you ...

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New Tax Form 1099-NEC

October, 18 2020

If your company has or is planning to compensate nonemployees in 2020, there’s a new IRS tax form you need to know ...

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Finding Your Ideal Customer

October, 11 2020

When an entrepreneur starts marketing, they may envision their customers as everyone and anyone. No surprise here. Many ...

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Hiring for the Virtual Workplace

October, 4 2020

When it comes to hiring, if you fish in the same spot, you’re going to get the same result. Casting a wider net is a ...

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Social Security Payroll Tax Holiday

September, 27 2020

Have you heard of this year’s payroll tax holiday? Maybe as an employer, you have heard of it, but aren’t sure the best ...

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Tax Implications of Working From Home

September, 20 2020

Our 2021 tax returns weren’t something we were thinking about back in March 2020. We were all focused on getting our ...

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