What can Brigade do for you?

Real-time accounting not only ensures your books, profits, and revenue targets are always up to date. It eliminates waiting and keeps processes moving forward.

Start your journey with us in 4 easy steps...


Step 1 - Consultation

We’ll assess your business and match you with the best service package for your needs.


Step 2 - Automate

We’ll start streamlining your financial operations and migrating your business onto cloud-based accounting platforms. You’ll receive coaching on how to use software automation to take your business further.


Step 3 - Maintenance

With easy access to your Brigade team, you'll be able to get real-time data to meet your business targets and achieve your goals.


Step 4 - Coaching

In addition to monthly reporting, Brigade offers monthly Zoom check-ins where we’ll shed light on your business' financial health! In other words, we won’t just report on how you are doing, we will coach you on what the numbers mean, and how close or far away you are from meeting your business targets.

Why Choose Brigade?

You want your business to be innovative, so why settle for traditional bookkeeping?

At Brigade, we do things differently.

We're a team of technologists and change-makers. Our services are a winning combination of industry best practices, intuitive software, and our passion for helping people.

With our real-time accounting, cutting-edge automation, and holistic support, our clients can focus on what matters most.

We help you turn clunky systems into paperless, productive, and effortless processes that take your business further.

It's that simple.


What They're Saying

We’ve been using Brigade for the last 10 years. Working with them has changed my life, they’re guardian angels. They have made my life so much easier by taking all the responsibilities of my accounting

Melissa Rubin MJR Group at Compass

What We Do


Automate your accounting process

We automate your accounting process by migrating to a cloud based accounting platform. We will also onboard your company to a streamlined solution, such as a billing system that eliminates printed checks or other manual processes.


Streamline your processes

Our automated tasks expedite workflow, eliminate wasted time, and provide tech-driven, rapid service to your business or non-profit organization.


Provide Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Reporting

Frequent reporting helps set expectations and deliverables within a specific timeframe. Regular reporting keeps things transparent and ensures everyone is working with integrity and accountability.


Keep You Accountable

We'll make accounting and bookkeeping easier for you while ensuring you understand the basics.

What We Promise


We are here for you.

Knowledge is power! At Brigade, we believe in empowering the small business owner to succeed. We'll support you in taking ownership of your company’s finances and financial processes.


The Latest Innovative Technology

Let us be your guide in managing your company’s accounting. As your outsourced accounting partner, we provide comprehensive software training and support. We are constantly researching the latest innovative apps.


Dedicated Support

We're a highly responsive, dedicated team who's true mission is to be here as a vested partner for you and your business.

Our Pricing Plans

Brigade offers three distinct service packages to alleviate the headache of bookkeeping for business owners. Any of these packages can be adjusted to suit client needs. Prices fluctuate accordingly.


Get Started with Brigade Today

At Brigade, we can automate close to 100% of accounting tasks with software. So, your Brigade team can focus on helping you gain a clear picture of your company's backbone.