Brigade Bookkeeping: A Great Place to Work!

July, 29 2018

I’ve always loved coming to work! I’ve even been told that Brigade Bookkeeping is a great place to work. Well now, it’s official, we are one of the top small companies to work for in the state of Florida, and we have an award to prove it! Just this week Florida Trend Magazine named Brigade Bookkeeping among the Top 10 Small Companies to work for in Florida.

Yay! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the Florida Trend recognition. Our company prides itself on working hard for our clients, but we can only do that with employees who are happy to come to work.

Do you own a small business? How do you keep the people who help you run your business happy? Here are some of my favorite ways:


When you hire a new employee, don’t just fill in the position, really do your research. Ask yourself, is this person a good fit for your team? What value will he or she bring to your team? Once you’ve made the hire, remember your employees are the most valuable part of your business and they need to be appreciated.


Do you offer employees medical, dental or vision insurance? How much paid vacation do your employees get? Do you offer your employees paid holidays? Do you match 401(k) contributions? There are standard benefits employers offer employees and the more qualified a potential employee, the more benefits you may need to offer. Take another look at your current benefits and compare them with what similar companies are offering to see how your company measures up.


Our Brigade Bookkeeping team works hard for our clients, but when someone wants to see their child’s play or be there for an awards ceremony, they go. At Brigade Bookkeeping, we value work and life balance and understand you can’t be happy at work if you’re neglecting your family. That’s why we encourage our team members to attend important family events, even if it’s during work hours. With proper planning, you can offer your employees flexibility to accommodate personal events during work hours.


At Brigade Bookkeeping, we make it a habit to hold employee meetings. Once a month, we give away prizes too, like free onsite car washes, gift cards and annual subscriptions to companies like The prizes are a great incentive and our team members love them and appreciate it.


There’s a lot of stress in crunching numbers and we try to help our employees deal with it through team building exercises. Team building helps build camaraderie among all levels of your team, from the CEO to the front desk receptionist. At Brigade Bookkeeping, we try to go out together to events like escape rooms, karaoke, weekend volleyball games, zip lining, rafting, rope courses, bowling and movies. Once a year, we step up our team building with a Brigade Bookkeeping retreat. This year we went to Costa Rica and it was amazing! As the boss, I not only paid for our team members to go, but their spouse or significant other. It may cost you more, but remember, the family that plays together, works harder together.

In the Florida Trend article, Brigade Bookkeeping came in at number 9 for Best Small Companies to work for and the article specifically mentions the chair massages we offer our employees. That’s another one of our work perks! If you want to read the article and see the other companies listed, here’s a link to the entire article:

Appreciating and valuing your employees is a great way to build your business and award those who help run your company. Investing in your employees and helping them balance work and life is key. If you’re a small business owner, you can implement some of these work perks too and hopefully it will result in greater team loyalty and make you a superstar boss.