Jacobs Law Group's Brigade Breakthrough

December, 18 2023

Watch the video below and check out the Q & As below to learn how this Florida-based dental practice benefits from working with Brigade:

How long has your practice been in business and how long have you been working with Brigade?

Jacobs Law Group has been in business about 26 years and we just started working with Brigade in April 2023.

What is the biggest impact Brigade has had on your firm?

Well, I can tell you from a law firm perspective, that one of the things that keeps us up at night is our trust account reconciliations. We've tried a number of different ways to get that done and it's never perfect. As a lawyer I want to make sure that our trust accounts are reconciled on time. Brigade has done many things for us, but I would say that one of the biggest impacts is making sure my trust accounts are reconciled not weekly, not daily, but they are reconciled every few hours. When we are looking at ledgers, everything is balanced perfectly all the time. Your team really just took care of it, they are go getters and, and really care, which I will tell you is not always easy to find. 

Brigade has made us more efficient in our accounting systems and getting our checks done and making sure that our accounts are up to date, everything is done, with precision and detail. I worry about accounting all the time, and now I don’t have to. I can sleep at night not worrying about those things. I let Brigade handle the accounting side of things and now I can focus on my business and my clients.

Why did you choose Brigade?

Trust. I have had a tremendous amount of trust with you and your team, you surround yourself with men that are other versions of your excellence. They love to please and are very knowledgeable about what they do. I can't imagine using anybody else for accounting ever.

What was your accounting like before you found Brigade?

Small law firm life is trial and error. We started with just a part time person who came in to do bookkeeping. And that got the basics done but it wasn’t it. Then we brought somebody in house full time and that ended up not being what we expected. They knew what they were doing but the work product wasn't really where we needed it to be. I knew that to take our firm to the next level, I need a team in place that I am not babysitting anymore. Once you and your team got their teeth into my books, I’ve had peace of mind and have been able to take the moves that I want to make to grow.

How has Brigade helped your firm save money?

Just in the efficiencies in our accounting process. In our bookkeeping, the ledgers are straightened, we know what they are and where they are. We aren’t leaving revenue on the table that we would have otherwise, this is making us a lot more, more money and more efficient.