Change is Scary, But Often It’s Necessary Our Success with Xero is a Story about Facing Fears

February, 16 2020

Why do people resist change? That’s easy: It’s only natural to resist something we believe may negatively impact our jobs or careers. We also fear failing at change. However, company leaders need the courage to do what’s best even if it’s scary.

In past blogs, I’ve talked about our journey to cloud-based software and have praised the benefits of the new programs we’ve embraced. But to be honest, some aspects were not easy for us. One of these was our decision to transition to Xero, the online accounting software program. It was a scary decision, but it was the right decision, and we haven’t looked back.

A Client Collaboration Game Changer
As a firm, we recognized that technology is transforming accounting. With Xero, we have a cloud-based accounting platform that welcomes app integrations and enables us to work collaboratively online with our clients.

The collaboration has been a game-changer. In the past, clients have asked for access to their books. This had been a logistical challenge. Thanks to Xero, we can set them up with logins so they can access their information via computer, app or phone. Our clients have real-time visibility of their financial position and performance in a way that’s simple, smart, and secure.

“Non-accountant Friendly”
We have found Xero to be more simplified, less robust, and easier for our small business owner clients to understand. In part, it’s because Xero’s accounting terms are geared towards business and NOT accountants. For example, for payments deposited, the term “Deposit” is replaced with “Receive Money.”

Training Made the Scary Part Less So
While cloud-based technology is exciting and the wave of the future, it still meant a major transition for us. We all had to learn a brand new (to us) accounting software program. Luckily, we had a fantastic experience joining the Xero Partnership.

Their support team welcomed us with open arms. Throughout the onboarding process, the Xero account manager visited our office several times. He addressed all of our concerns, demonstrated Xero to us and our team, and created a clear plan with us.

An additional two-person implementation team provided us with several in-office trainings and web-based trainings. They helped us through the whole transition and learning process until we felt comfortable on our own. Even today, Xero’s people hang out with us at Xero events and will send us emails to check on us.

You’re the Leader. You Need to be the First Jumper.
Change is scary. But if it’s a matter of, “Will my businesses and my services still be relevant if I don’t make the change?” then, the answer is obvious: Face that fear, and be the first to do it. As a supporter of small business success, I’m sending you positive vibes as you leap into the future!