Cloud-Based Accounting Apps

February, 17 2019

Cloud-based accounting apps are a tool to help you manage your company’s financial transactions from any smart device. Using them enables you to work in real-time from wherever you are and not have to wait until you can sit in front of your computer.

Writing for the QuickBooks Resource Center website, Payal Sakhuja noted that, “Cloud accounting solutions provide businesses with several benefits such as accessing your data from any device anywhere, streamlining accounting, integrating the accounting software with other third party cloud applications, creating a backup facility, and enhanced security features.”

Leanne Armstrong, writing for the Salt Lake City Bookkeeping Blog, points out that “Cloud-based accounting programs … are ideal because they let you track financial transactions and collaborate with your accounting professional in real-time, while supporting a number of time-saving third-party apps.”

We’re always looking for ways to improve operations for clients and our own team. Brigade’s culture embraces technology that can streamline workflows and improve connectivity, especially if we can work together in real time no matter where we are. These apps can be an excellent way to maintain cohesive, agile work environments.

Here are a few apps to consider:

  • Expense Tracking Apps: Expense-tracking apps allow you to share, secure and store your financial data, sans paper. You can track items like expenses, income, mileage, and receipts. A few to choose from include Cashbook – Expense TrackerReceipt BankAutoEntry and Expensify.
  • Xero: The app for Xero accounting software enables you to share access of your financial information. Actions like bank reconciliation, checking account balances, online invoicing and expense management can all be done through the app – anywhere, anytime. All your data is in the cloud, so your accountant sees the same data and won’t have to wait for files to come through.
  • Harvest: The app enables you to manage expenses and project time tracking in the same program. You can create timesheets for a project, and when done, snap photos of receipts to record expenses and then send and track invoices. View your team’s timers and detailed task notes in real-time to stay in the loop on projects as they progress.
  • Wave: Wave offers free invoicing & accounting software with the ability to add on credit card processing & payroll services. The companion apps are Invoice by Wave and Receipts by Wave. Invoice lets you send and edit invoices, send invoice reminders, and record payments. Receipts lets you capture receipts via your phone’s camera and view them in a digitized format.

These are just a few of the many available. The idea is to find the one that fits your business needs and budget. Unsure about which app is right for your business? At Brigade Bookkeeping, we believe in empowering small business owners to succeed. We can show you how to use accounting software and can be your support system so you can take the reins of your company’s finances and own the process. Contact us for more information.