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Childcare For Your Empoloyees: It Matters More Now Than Ever

May, 30 2021

The pandemic forced employers of all sizes to reconsider the importance of employees having childcare support. The ...

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Reclassifying Employees, Post-Pandemic: A Cautionary Tale

May, 23 2021

As we draw closer to a post-COVID crisis work world, businesses need to determine how or if employees who have been ...

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COVID-19 Tax Deductions for Educators

May, 16 2021

There’s good tax news for professionals in education. The IRS recently issued updated guidance on expense deductions ...

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What Information do Investors Really Want to See From Your Books?

May, 9 2021

You’ve been bootstrapping the company with your own money, plus possibly with contributions from friends and family. ...

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When the Pressure is On, Take the Lead in Reducing Workplace Stress

May, 2 2021

Running a business is stressful. Running a business this last year? Don’t get me started! And then, there’s tax season, ...

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COVID-19 Paid Leave Requirements and Tax Benefits

April, 25 2021

In this last year, your employees may have needed leave from their jobs due to a circumstance related to COVID-19. In ...

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Have a Succession Plan

April, 11 2021

Succession planning’s mantra is to hope for the best and plan for the worst. You may already be thinking ahead about ...

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Leave Paper Checks in the Past

April, 4 2021

Just call me the paperless campaigner. The paper check chucker. The automation evangelist. For close to two years, I’ve ...

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IRS Will Audit More Small Businesses this Year

March, 28 2021

Yes, it’s true. The IRS plans to increase its audits of smaller businesses and their investors. And yes, the audits ...

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