5 Cybersecurity Keys to Protect Your Law Practice

October, 11 2023
Brigade Miami Florida legal accounting


The Brigade team is here to help your legal firm grow, with a deep understanding of the key issues you may be facing, including those related to compliance and the effective oversight of your financial systems to ensure your cash flow remains fluid. As part of our partnership approach to legal firm accounting we are dedicated to your success. Our commitment to you includes helping you secure your sensitive financial data using state-of-the art technology. 

According to the 2022 American Bar Association Technology Report there are five key cybersecurity safeguards every law firm needs to have in place to keep their data safe from hackers and attacks:

  1. Spam filters are the most common tool, according to the survey with 84% of legal firms using one.
  2. Software firewalls were the second most common at 79%.
  3. Next, mandatory passwords are used by 74% of legal practitioners.
  4. Anti-spyware at 73% of firms using this.
  5. Email virus scanning was the fifth most used cybersecurity tool at 72%.

Another tool being used that is key when handling your legal firm’s sensitive client and financial data? Encryption which helps to protect unauthorized access to data. The 2022 Survey reported that 49% of respondents use file encryption and that email encryption is increasing, especially at larger firms. If your legal practice is on the smaller side, it is recommended that you take advantage of the secure communications capabilities within a practice management system such as Clio or Practice Panther.

Assess Your Legal Firm’s Security to Reduce Cybersecurity Risks

Did you know that some cybersecurity insurance carriers may require that a third party perform an assessment of your legal firm’s security practices, especially related to client data?  Your clients may also want to know the status of your cybersecurity policies and other documentation so they know that their data will be safe.

Often, a cybersecurity assessment requires the completion of a questionnaire used to assess the risk to insure a law firm but clients are also interested in the results according to the 2022 Survey, which reported that 30% of respondents answered that a client or potential client had asked their firm to complete a security questionnaire. 

Use Software Applications that Support Your Legal Firm's Security

One of the big takeaways from the 2022 American Bar Association Technology Report is the importance of using cybersecurity safeguards such as those mentioned above to protect your legal firm and your clients. In addition, you should ensure that the partners you share data with also use these practices and appropriate tools. For example, at  Brigade, we are experts using all legal financial apps such as Clio, Leap, and Practice Panther, providing a seamless, secure accounting workflow centered on integrating with QuickBooks Online for real time accounting data availability, and efficiency. In addition, through our proven processes, Brigade ensures maximum security for all of your legal firm's sensitive financial and client data.

Learn more about partnering with Brigade to ensure your legal firm is on a path to solid, secure, and sustainable growth.