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Have a Succession Plan

April, 11 2021

Succession planning’s mantra is to hope for the best and plan for the worst. You may already be thinking ahead about ...

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Leave Paper Checks in the Past

April, 4 2021

Just call me the paperless campaigner. The paper check chucker. The automation evangelist. For close to two years, I’ve ...

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IRS Will Audit More Small Businesses this Year

March, 28 2021

Yes, it’s true. The IRS plans to increase its audits of smaller businesses and their investors. And yes, the audits ...

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What You Need To Know Now About Student Loan Debt

March, 21 2021

Tucked inside The American Rescue Plan signed into law earlier this month is a provision that makes forgiven student ...

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What Will Brigade Do For YOU in 2021?

March, 14 2021

Did you see this article in last Saturday’s New York Times? “The Robots are Coming for Phil in Accounting” Oh boy, so ...

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Small Business COVID Relief and New Updates

March, 8 2021

If you own a business with 20 or fewer employees and planned to apply for the third round of Paycheck Protection ...

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How to Care for Your Customers

February, 28 2021

Companies are discovering that compassion makes a critical difference as the pandemic continues. Doing the right thing ...

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Closing Your Books Monthly: Why and How

February, 21 2021

“Closing the Books” is one of those antiquated phrases I still use, like carbon copy and burning the midnight oil. When ...

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Compassionate Client Service

February, 8 2021

The last 11 months have made one thing very clear: Behind every struggling business are struggling people. If your ...

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