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Closing Your Books Monthly: Why and How

February, 21 2021

“Closing the Books” is one of those antiquated phrases I still use, like carbon copy and burning the midnight oil. When ...

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Compassionate Client Service

February, 8 2021

The last 11 months have made one thing very clear: Behind every struggling business are struggling people. If your ...

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Coronavirus Relief and Your Taxes

February, 7 2021

When COVID-19 relief for business owners became available in 2020, you were focused on how to apply for and receive ...

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Filing Tax Extensions

January, 31 2021

The year of many difficulties isn’t quite over yet. In terms of the tax filing process, 2020 is just getting started. ...

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What’s Your BHAG?

January, 24 2021

Do you have goals for your company? How about one Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)? Yes, there is such a thing, and I ...

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Grow with Strategic Partnerships

January, 17 2021

Small businesses could use a lot of help right now. They need to find new ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, ...

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The New PPP Loan and What You Need to Know. NOW.

January, 10 2021

There will be a second wave of PPP loans, and the latest forgiveness rule changes are favorable to borrowers.

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Is Your Home Office Eligible for Tax Deductions?

December, 14 2020

For the upcoming tax season, I bet the search term that gets the most traffic will be “home office tax breaks.” Who ...

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Building Your Financial Confidence

December, 6 2020

How many ways can an accountant help your business? Most people automatically think of tax-related ways. What if I ...

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